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Yellowstone Stars Kelly Reilly and Jefferson White on Working with Real Wolves and Bears

“Every pocket of my body was filled with shredded chicken pieces to get the bear to pursue me.” Jefferson White tells PEOPLE

We’ll talk about some crazy moments on the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch!

Actors frequently talk about the uncertainty of working on animals; however, they usually talk about cats or dogs. On the stage in Yellowstone, some things seem to be different.

In a dinner for the cast at Delilah at Wynn Las Vegas to launch The Yellowstone podcast. Yellowstone podcast, the stars discussed their crazy experiences and “terrifying” encounters working alongside wild animals.

Kelly Reilly, for instance, was confronted by the wild wolves in the initial episode of the Paramount show. She described it as the “real confidence-building moment.”

Reilly 44-year-old Reilly admitted she had reservations but was assured the wolves would be okay. “I’m thinking, well, I’m sure that most instinctive natures could be triggered when they see an individual with a bottle of whiskey rushing up to them?” she said, reminiscing about her words to her crew. “They were as if, “Don’t worry, we’ve come up with these invisible cords; therefore, if they attack you, it could cause them to get tangled up.’ “

Reilly, the fierce Beth Dutton, couldn’t see the cord.

“That’s not enough to stop a wolf and certainly not his 12 other mates,” she remembered thinking of the cord. “But we decided to go for it, and it was quite terrifying, I must say. I’m in Montana, and I’m running straight at a pack of Wolf.”

The actress laughed and said, “I’m fearless.”


The actors on the show usually perform with gentle animals such as cows and horses. The show’s star, Jefferson White, the rancher Jimmy Hurdstram, recalled shooting an episode where a bear chased him through one of the trees.

“We captured it around the end of November, which means it was hibernation time. The bear was the laziest bear you’ve encountered,” he said. “They tried to annoy the bear to force it to pursue me.”

The bear was unwilling to be a part of the game, so the producers came up with a new strategy to motivate the animal, trying to convince it that White was a more delicious snack.

“What they did was fill my pockets with a plethora of chicken.” the man said. “So every pocket of my body was with chicken shredded in an attempt to convince the bear to pursue me.”

The podcast will air regularly. Each show is hosted by White and features the work of a different Yellowstone Cast member. In addition, it delves into the forthcoming Yellowstone prequel show, 1883, featuring Faith Hill, Tim McGraw, and Sam Elliott.

Wynn Resorts, which is sponsoring the podcast, has been scheduled to host the world debut on 1883 December. 11.

The premiere episode from the official Yellowstone podcast developed through 101 Studios and Paramount Network is available Friday on iTunes Podcasts, Spotify, and wherever else you can get your podcasts.



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