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Twitter makes it easier to search tweets from specific accounts

A search button with a new design is now available in the iOS app.

Twitter has introduced a new search feature on its the profile pages, making it easier to find tweets by a particular user. Social media expert Matt Navarra noted that the button was first appearing only to a few users in the last month, but Developers XDA reports that the feature has been rolled across the iOS application.

Limiting your search to just one tweet isn’t an entirely feature that is new to the Twitter feature. It is possible to achieve similar results applying the form “from:[Twitter handle] [search term]” in the standard Twitter Search box. For instance in the event that you wanted to find through my (bad) tweets each time I used the term “keyboard,” you could use the search icon within the app and type in:

Jonporty comes from keyboard

The new button can make things a little easier. It can be useful if for instance, you need to locate an article that you can only vaguely recall people tweeting about from months ago but aren’t able to recall the details of.

The search function is only one example of the numerous innovative features Twitter has added to its services in recent months. In the last week, Twitter launched the ability to allow iOS users around the world to create super-follow Twitter profiles. This means that they can now buy access to bonuses content created by creators on Twitter. The was the same time, Twitter also started letting anyone host audio-only Space chat rooms. Other features that have been added include the Twitter Blue subscription service, and Communities.

Twitter is where the conversation is happening and is where people are to participate in the conversation. Therefore, it’s no wonder that there are millions of tweets posted every day. With this many content options to choose from, it’s hard to locate what you’re looking for or to eliminate those you do not want…Say thanks to Twitter’s advanced search feature.

What is the reason behind Twitter Advanced Search?

The advanced search feature on Twitter lets users to customize search results to specific dates intervals, people, or phrases (such such as “what are the best headphones? ” or “where do I locate an artist to do my makeup? “) and many more. This makes it much easier to locate specific Tweets, brands, and even mentions of brands.

You can locate a Tweet by recalling a particular phrase within the tweet, even if you don’t know who was tweeting it. You can filter your search to view all tweets from a particular account, for instance, an opponent, for instance tweeted in October. You can, in essence, create your search as specific and personalized as you’d like.



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