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The PS5 and Xbox Series X are now available online at Walmart (update: sold out)

It’s not everyday we get a new release of both major consoles however, it wasn’t for long.

Restocking of PS5 Walmart and Xbox Series X consoles went by within forty minutes. This appears to be the norm of routine these times. We played with the brand new queue system in action and although the first 20 minutes seemed to be counting down in a correct manner, we observed that the queue started to slow and hang in the event that it didn’t drop completely. Many people have had that “We are having technical issues” message that spells sure end, maybe one lucky person has landed their preferred console. We’ll keep an eye out for more console restocks , and provide you with advance notice as soon as feasible.

It’s February season and the season for shopping is upon us. The early Black Friday deals have already started, and there’s bound to be plenty more to come for us on the actual Black Friday and Cyber Monday. However, the most sought-after ticket of the season like it was last year are still difficult-to-find games from Sony or Microsoft. Today, we have some good news to our readers. Walmart is launching its restocking program for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X consoles. The sale will begin at 3PM ET/ 12PM PT this 5th November, Friday.

The consoles aren’t easy to locate and we’re not always able to see a sale of each of the Sony as well as Microsoft consoles simultaneously -for example, Walmart is the only one recently to drop both. Today’s restock includes disc-based PlayStation 5 for $500 and its cheaper sister that is PlayStation 5 Digital Edition. PlayStation 5 Digital Edition for $400. On the Microsoft front, Walmart’s offers for today will only include the highest-end Xbox Series X for $500.

We strongly recommend making or logging into your Walmart account before 3PM. Check to see if you have the correct billing information and shipping details in order to avoid any potential delay or problems in the checkout process. If you aren’t able to find the console you’re looking for just before 3PM, make sure to try again as Walmart frequently releases new inventory in 10-minute increments, until the entire inventory is cleared.

As buying a console only one element of the puzzle, we’ve taken the initiative and compiled several essential accessory items, games subscriptions and some notable games you could be considering when you purchase. A lot of these options are discounted or on sale as opposed to consoles which means you’ll save dollars as you move into the latest generation of gaming. There’s even special deals on Vergereaders for a 12 month contract with PlayStation Plus, this weekend only, or until stocks last. It’s only $38 at Eneba (use coupon code PLUSYEAR at the time of checkout). If you’re planning to purchase any of these games or games at Walmart Add these items into your cart prior to time to be ready to take off if you are able to secure an Xbox.

Have fun, and good luck gaming!



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