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The Book of Boba Fett is so busy it forgets to make Boba Fett interesting

The final episode of The Book of Boba Fett is out, which brings an end to the series that is becoming increasingly overcrowded. Unfortunately, however, the last episode cannot get the various plot threads into a satisfying finale despite some action-packed moments that were designed to please viewers.

Fett’s character has always seemed one that has potential. He’s a morally uncertain bounty hunter in a stylish outfit and an awesome-looking vessel in the galaxy. However, this week’s conclusion is a disappointment similar to the rest of the series. Boba Fett (Temuera Morrison) is still a bit off-guard in the show bearing his name. He’s been stripped from his infamous reputation to become an amiable hero. Unfortunately, the show leaves viewers with many questions rather than answers on Boba Fett’s character and the things he’s looking for in his daily life.

When you look back on The Book of Boba Fett in general, three different shows are there. The first was what was supposed to be the main plot, with Boba Fett becoming an infamous crime lord in Mos Espa. Flashbacks were filling the last few minutes between when we last saw Boba (vanishing in the pit of Sarlacc that was a part of Jabba’s barge) and his reappearance on the film The Mandalorian. Then there were two episodes in the show The Mandalorian featuring guest-starring Boba Fett trapped in the middle.

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The problem is that the storyline that was first that ought to have been the main storyline of the show- – was the one that The Book of Boba Fett was the least interested in telling.

Star Wars has the unfortunate tendency to leave no area of its universe unexplored or unanswered. The Book of Boba Fett extends this tidbit to its extreme. It’s like Lucasfilm wanted to get to let fans know the whole story of what was going on with Boba Fett in between his appearances. The idea of incorporating all these details into the next series of The Mandalorian isn’t feasible; therefore, Boba is given a show of his own. But the flashbacks don’t have enough to support an entire TV show, So it’s added onto.

After that sequence of flashbacks that extend for a long time is finished, The Book of Boba Fett isn’t sure what to do with the newly-re rehabilitated new hero. Boba does not have anything to pursue, and has no motivation to do anything that he’s involved in, and has nothing more than “riding the rancour” (which is, of course, what Boba does in a moment that could be described only by the term “rancour ex Machina”).

Even the characters on the show can’t be understood. For example, in the scene, Cad Bane has to say in his confrontation against Fett: “One thing I cannot figure out. What’s your point of view?”

“This is my home town. My people are here,” Fett declares while being in the midst of near-certain death due to the unanticipated determination of a man that probably doesn’t have the names of any resident of Mos Espa. (This newfound devotion to ideals is particularly impressive as it is the same man who, just a few scenes prior, was astonished to discover the fact that Din Djarin is willing to sacrifice his life to the line to defend his Mandalorian ethos.)

One of the problems is that the series doesn’t have any real antagonist to confront Boba, nor any real dangers that could stand against whatever Boba desires. The Hutt twins that show up to claim Jabba’s territory don’t even have names before leaving. The other crime families in Mos Espa are non-entities. The character’s “big evil,” Pyke Syndicate, Pyke Syndicate is nothing more than an army of criminals that are killed in waves when needed and whose leader is eliminated by Fennec Shand in just a single shot.

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The closest thing the conclusion offers to give Boba an actual antagonist is a shaky attempt at transforming this live-action premiere of the Clone Wars‘ Cad Bane into a credible adversary. It’s an 11th-hour storyline that demands viewers to know about the character’s animated appearance as well as additionally to be aware of Boba’s mentor/mentee bond that went to sour during a planned arc that was planned for The Clone Wars TV series, which never came to fruition.

The idea of a lengthy and meaningful relationship between two people isn’t the same as the actual relationship between them, but it’s certainly not one that can be used to hang on to the climax of the show. There’s a place where the Book of Boba Fett took on the task of telling the background of Fett and Bane’s past and establishing Bane as a dark foil that Fett is trying to avoid, yet this isn’t the kind of show that we’re watching now.

The final result is less an opportunity to consider the factors that make Boba (and the newfound morality) distinct from morally grey Bane and a chance for the creator Dave Filoni to attempt a second shot at re-canonizing his original story about the character. Even if it is, this isn’t the dramatic climax of the episode. That scene happens later when Grogu (nee baby Yoda) and Mando are reunited to face off against Boba’s erratic anger.

It’s unclear where the story of The Book of Boba Fett will go from here. The show concludes in the present with Fett and his newly-acquired crew relaxing at Mos Espa, having won over the locals with their actions. Disney hasn’t yet announced a new season of the series, and the concluding scene in the show shifts the focus on Grogu and the Mandalorian. Mandalorian and Grogu leave together hints at Star Wars’ Disney Plus-verse returning to continue the storyline through the Mandalorian‘s third season if it comes out soon.

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Suppose Boba Fett appears time and time again. In that case, Boba Fett will likely be relegated to the same style in the form of Peli Motto (Amy Sedaris) or Cobb Vanth (Timothy Olyphant), a recurring character encountered on the next occasion Din, and Grogu winds up travelling through Tatooine.

The Book of Boba Fett was always going to be the disadvantage of It was the Mandalorian was already taking the lead in what was an ideal series for a costumed bounty hunter. Like midichlorians or Solo The Book of Boba Fett, this series further proves that trying to explain the entirety of Star Wars takes away a part of the excitement that made it famous initially. There are times when less can be better; however, in an era where the whole Disney Plus streaming service hinges on the latest Star Wars shows, it’s likely that “more” is the only thing we’ll see from these characters.



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