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The PlayStation 5 is beginning to look like the version it promised.

Six months after its debut on November 12, the PlayStation 5 is already on the way to becoming a success for Sony. At the time of its release on March 31, it was reported that the firm had sold 7.8 million video game consoles around the world, enough in terms of dollars and units that it was the most successful game console release to date in the US time. It is more significant than its predecessor, the Nintendo Wii. Much bigger than even the Xbox One. More powerful than the PS4. It’s hard to know what the final number would be if every person who wanted one could be, in fact, able to purchase one.

PlayStation has the upper hand; however, it’s not the supreme. There’s no engineering scarcity to generate marketing excitement like a streetwear brand is; it’s looking to bring its PS5 console for $399 into consumers with their own hands. That’s precisely why, in the same speech he’s using to explain how the PS5 outshined even its bestselling predecessor, Sony Interactive Entertainment president, and CEO Jim Ryan, is apologizing.

“We’re working as hard as we can to ameliorate that situation,” Ryan states in a Zoom chat just moments after receiving the second covid-19 vaccination. “Production is expected to increase during the summer, and definitely through the second half of the year. We are hoping to see a return to normality of the balance between demand and supply in that time.”

If you’re one of the few who are still struggling to get an Xbox, and you’re already aware of the gist of this tale as well. In November, the two launches of both the PS5 and the Xbox Series X occurred amid an international lockdown. What seemed like perfect timing for nerdy gamers ended up being the perfect storm for sales glitches. The same logistical and production delays that made it almost impossible to purchase an appliance that you could use at home this year slowed the distribution. Without factory visits or individual quality checks, the vendor relationship became more difficult. When the day of release finally arrived, and online sales were mandatory, sales allowed fraudulent resellers and bots to grab large amounts of precious inventory and then jack the prices up to higher levels than the price of Usher’s falsetto. There’s also the shortage of semiconductors that have been affecting TV companies and automobile manufacturers alike.

The promises of improvement could be a bit like a cold embrace. But whether you are among the 7.8 million who already have the PS5 or the millions who may or may not have been because of something unprecedented in the world, the real question is whether the PS5 brings you the experience. Are developers leveraging the console’s capabilities to make games that were impossible before? Are first-party and independent studios managed to stay ahead of the epidemic to ensure that the pipeline of exclusive games is full? Is the PS5 the, as PlayStation chief designer Mark Cerny stated in the past two years, more of a revolution than an improvement?

The answer is simple: yes. The more lengthy and exact answer is that we’re working towards it.

The day a new console for gaming releases is about much more than just a brand device. It’s also a chance for a business to argue for the hardware with games that are only played with that console. System-sellers are possible at any time; however they are launched, system-sellers are an exclusive kind. Think of Halo Combat Evolution in the old Xbox. Resogun on the PS4. Super Mario 64The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. You can even think of Wii Sports. (And yes, Nintendo has always leaned on its launch titles more than any other. It’s been forced to, as it doesn’t compete on console performance, but rather it entices customers with its must-play-it exclusives from first parties.)

In 2020, however, expectations had changed when it was the time that Series X and PlayStation 5 were released to mark the beginning of a new age and a new era. The PS5 might have come out with a dozen titles; however, nearly all of the top titles, such as Spider-Man: Miles Morales to Assassin’s creed: Valhalla, can be played on either the PlayStation 4 or another platform. So, in theory, it could not be very pleasant. But, consider that the top PS5 games didn’t exist to be exclusives. They were meant as showcases.

The web-swinging of Manhattan like Miles Morales on their PS4, but they weren’t able to speed-travel through the city in just a few minutes unless they were playing the PS5, which has a high-speed solid-state hard drive that kills load time. They could take in the city’s scenery on the PS4. However, they could not observe Miles’s reflections in the water and buildings when they traveled without the effects of ray tracing, which PS5’s ray tracing features PS5 enabled. “If you see a true manifestation in a video game, it is a great time for players,” says Ted Price, founder and CEO of Spider-Man developer Insomniac Games.



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