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House of Gucci’s Patrizia Reggiani on Ex-Husband’s Murder: ‘I’m Not Innocent, But I’m Not Guilty

Reggiani served the equivalent of 18 years behind bars she orchestrated the killing of her husband. Reggiani is played in the film by Lady Gaga in the new film House of Gucci

Patrizia Reggiani was in the top tier of society living a luxurious dream as the wife of Maurizio Gucci and the only Gucci heir and the majority shareholder of the Gucci Group.

“Life as an Gucci seemed like a dream” Reggiani reminisces Reggiani now aged 72, in a new episode on People Magazine Investigates The Killing Gucci which is a special that features one of the last American conversations with Signora Gucci who says her union with Maurizio “was damaged because of the negative influences of those around him, within Gucci’s company.”

A year after the divorce was finally finalized, Maurizio Gucci was shot and killed in the Milan office on the 25th of March 1995. The following year Reggiani was found guilty and later found guilty, and sentenced in prison for 18 years due to her role in orchestrating the murder.

Patrizia Reggiani

The dark tale is back on the news for the basis for director Ridley Scott’s upcoming film House of Gucci which stars Lady Gaga, Adam Driver, Salma Hayek, Jared Leto and Al Pacino.

Patrizia Reggiani, who has openly stated she’s “annoyed” that Gaga did not contact the actress prior to her filming has stated that she “does not like to recall” the circumstances that led to the murder, and she doesn’t comprehend why she was arrested.

“I’m in no way innocent but certainly not innocent,” Reggiani says in Killing Gucci In the film, she confesses that she was asleep when she discovered the news of her husband’s murder.

“I saw my phone ring and my nanny informed her that Maurizio was killed,” recalls Reggiani. “First I was shocked and I was thinking, my troubles are over and I simply felt sorrow.”

Prior to her murder in the first place, Reggiani’s hatred for Maurizio increased so much following his departure and she’d publicly ask to have someone take him to the grave for her.

“In the courtroom, I admitted that Maurizio and Iwere both averse to the other. I made many threats. However, I did not issue the order to murder his father,” she says. “The other co-conspirators [convicted of being involvedhave blackmailed me. What they told me was not accurate.”

Reggiani’s four accomplices who were convicted and the public prosecutor Carlo Nocerino, who led the investigation, completely disagree with each other on this issue.

“She did not keep [her hatefrom being revealed,” says Nocerino, the prosecutor who supervised the investigation. “Everyone at her home and friends agreed with this.”

Patrizia Reggiani

“She’s never confessed to murdering the man,” says House of Gucci author and journalist Sara Forden, who wrote the book that the film is made. “But recently, she’s sounding like she’s got some remorse.”

26 years after the murder Reggiani is nostalgic about the good old days of her wedding to Maurizio.

“The one thing I’m most disappointed about in a relationship with Maurizio is the tranquility (before the hate),” she says. My time of being the most satisfied was when we traveled.”

Reggiani was convicted for murder, following an in-depth trial lasting five months. She was released in the year 2016. After all these years despite her involvement in the killing of Maurizio Reggiani says she is in “enormous affection” her husband of a lifetime.

“If I had the chance to meet Maurizio today, I’d tell him to be sorry for the things that happened,” she says. “All incidents that occurred were caused by a miscommunication.”



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