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Facebook plans first smartwatch for next summer with two cameras, heart rate monitor

Facebook has taken a different strategy for its first watch, which the company hasn’t announced yet, but is currently planning to unveil this summer. The watch will have an LCD with 2 cameras, which can be removed from the wrist for videos and photos that can be shared via Facebook’s collection of applications that includes Instagram, The Verge has discovered.

The camera on the front of the display is primarily used for video calling. In contrast, the auto-focus 1080p camera in the back could be used to capture footage after it is removed from its stainless steel framework around the wrist. In addition, Facebook is working with other companies to develop accessories to attach the camera hub onto things like backpacks, as per two people familiar with the project. Both have requested anonymity to discuss the project without Facebook’s consent.

The idea is to make it easier for wearers to use it similarly, similar to how smartphones are currently used. This is an element of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s plans to develop more consumer devices that elude Apple and Google, two of the biggest mobile phone makers which control Facebook’s ability to reach out to people.

The proposed device is Facebook’s first attempt at releasing a device specifically designed for wrists and thereby opening up a new area of rivalry with Apple at a moment when both tech giants are already in conflict concerning other issues. For example, Apple has aggressively promoted its position as a defender of privacy by restricting the types of information Facebook can collect. Facebook has been plagued by scandals relating to handling data from users. It could result in an uphill struggle for Facebook to persuade people to buy its new Apple Watch competitor, especially because it is planning to use the watch as a fitness gadget with the ability to monitor your heart rate.

Facebook is working with top wireless providers within the US to enable LTE connectivity on the watch, which means it won’t have to be connected to a smartphone to function. Instead, they will sell it at their stores, people familiar with the matter told. The watch will be available in black, white, and gold. Facebook expects to launch with quantities in the low six figures. It is a small fraction of the market for smartwatches overall -it’s a small fraction of the market. Apple sold 34 million smartwatches last year in comparison, according to Counterpoint Research.

In the future versions of the device, Facebook intends to be the primary interface device to its AR glasses that Zuckerberg believes will one day become as commonplace in the same way as smartphones. Facebook plans to make use of the technology acquired from CTRL-labs, a company that has shown armbands that can control computers via wrist movements.

Facebook hopes to release an initial version of its device during the spring of 2022. It is currently working on the third and fourth generation watches to follow in the years following. The company’s employees have discussed pricing the watch at about $400; however, the price may change. Although it’s unlikely, Facebook could also scrap the device altogether since the eye has not yet entered mass production or have an official name.

The history of Facebook’s hardware is a bit shaky. It’s 2013 smartphone that came with HTC was a massive failure, and the company has not yet announced the sales figures for the Oculus VR headsets or Portal video chat system to use at home. However, in recent interviews, company executives have claimed that Oculus Quest 2 headset sales have surpassed those of the Oculus Quest2 headset, exceeding that of all other Oculus headsets.

Facebook’s interest in developing a first watch goes back at the very least a couple of years. It was considering acquiring Fitbit in the year 2019 before when Google purchased the fitness wearable maker. Since then, the social network has spent around $1 billion developing the first version of its wearable. According to one of the sources with knowledge of the subject, Hundreds of employees are working on the project.

A Facebook spokesperson did not respond to this report. The Information previously stated that Facebook was developing a smartwatch with messages and health functions; However, this article’s camera details and other Information are not new.

With a customized variation of Android, Google will create a custom version of the Android operating system. Facebook will rely on its extensive suite of applications and partnerships with other companies to provide compelling experiences for the wearable that will also include the companion app for smartphones. But, even with the possibility of Facebook’s wrist-worn device attracting users isn’t a guarantee. Smartwatches that have cameras have yet to impact as Apple has monopolized the top part of the market already.



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