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Dragon Ball FighterZ To Showcase Android 21

Android 21 is an Android who is the main antagonist in Dragon Ball FighterZ when in her dark character. Her brain is as sharp as the Dr Gero, though she could be more intelligent than Gero was.


Android 21 is an imposing, curvaceous scientist wearing glasses and long auburn hair. She wears a gold ring on her left middle finger and black nails. She is wearing a pair of hoops and a short, sleeveless checker pattern in red and blue turtleneck dress that is transparent black tights and black detachable arm sleeves, as well as red and blue heels. Her eyes are like the eyes in her father, Dr Gero’s Androids like Android 18.

Android 21 keeps her curvy body shape, but her skin becomes pink in her whole appearance. Her hair changes to pale pink. The ears are sharp, and her eyes change depending on whether her evil side takes over, and she also gains an elongated tail. Her clothes change to the black tube top with black arm sleeves while getting her white, baggy trousers. It is noted that she looks like Majin. Majin in this style.

The appearance of her natural shape results from her possessing all the traits of Z Fighters, Frieza, Cell, and Majin Buu combined into one.

Android 21 shows during a private chat with the user that although she might appear to have a look as an adult, she’s less than ten years old. Young is unhappy about not being a teenager as she is uncomfortable when minor children call her “ma’am”.


Due to her biological makeup, Android 21 has a natural and compulsive urge to eat (which was out of control because of cells in her body becoming enraged). As Majin Buu likes sweets and confectioneries, her preference is macarons. But, she cannot control her cravings and fights constantly to prevent her from turning other people into snacks and eating them.

Her appetite is so overwhelming and challenging that it has resulted in Android 21’s brain becoming damaged and manifesting as the appearance of a split personality. The longer she does not go without eating, the more the evil aspect is gaining control. When her authentic self is in charge, she appears as a loving and maternal woman worried about Android 18 and volunteered to assist her. However, if her devilish persona is in order, she transforms into a sadistic and power-hungry psychopath who wants to “devour” all the powerful fighters close to insaneness. Her craving for “devouring” mighty warriors is very similar to those of the Majins that Buu inherited after his cells were incorporated into her. Her positive side is a friend to Good Buu, likely because of their shared biological traits and love for sweets.

Her identity were later changed into her two halves when her good self controlled her fission due to the emotional anxiety caused by the loss of her adopted son, Android 16, who was killed by her dark side due to her inability to control herself.

While Android 21’s positive side is that she knows that her human model was the template for Android 16’s template, which leads her to develop a mother-like love for Android 16, she confesses that she has very little recall of her existence as a human; however she loves considering her template’s name and what her life could be like. It is also apparent about the possibility that the Dr Gero was the father of Android 16’s template or of his connection to her human model. In one of her discussions with the player, she explains that her creator, while not an excellent person, was an outstanding scientist. She admits that she wants to know why she was created. She admits that he may not respond to her inquiries or should he, she would not be interested in knowing the truth. It is interesting to note that she does not mention her name or Dr. Gero’s name, even though it is evident that it is him she refers to. Most likely, his knowledge is due to the limited memories she has or the things she’s managed to discover through studying her and Android 16.

However, her evil side is concerned with absolutely nothing about Android 16 and thinks that androids have no need for family or loved ones , as she commands Android 18 to kill their husband Krillin. In addition, she only admires her Dr Gero for his labs and research. Although she is primarily focused on food, the naughty aspect of Android 21’s personality doesn’t ignore the notion of victory over the galaxy. However, it is not the primary goal in filling her stomach. In contrast to her good side, the evil 21 is all about herself and has a self-centred, bratty personality. As with Cell, her power can cause her to see other creatures as inferior to her, but she also dismisses other creatures as nothing more than food that makes her stronger. She is responsible for creating evil clones of Z Fighters and Nappa and The Ginyu Force Frieza, Cell (all of whom she revived with her Namekian Dragon Balls) and Kid Buu. They serve as an energy source to fuel her appetite, even though she finds their taste insufficient. She allows Z Fighters, resurrected villains, and Androids to live and get stronger to achieve her plan of eating the entire universe. However, she was angry that Z Fighters and the villains controlled by Frieza and Cell began to hunt the clones to rob 21 , her daily food supplies, which led her to hunt them down in a blind rage fueled by her cravings.

After she separated from her beloved partner and separated from her evil half, the evil 21 was a mockery of her partner’s decision to eat others to boost her power. She felt sure her character was hypocritical, eventually succumbing to her cravings and feeding her allies. But she was also able to connect to the human soul connected to Android 18, which enabled her to remain in control of herself and thwart her evil side without giving in to her cravings. However, the good 21 was worried that she’d be unable to control herself, so she decided to sacrifice herself to defeat her evil side and prevent her in the event of losing her control and harming the new friends she made. Whis and Beerus observed that over time, the good 21 could be sucked into the craving, and her sacrifice was in the end to serve the betterment of the world. But it’s not clear whether the good 21 would overcome her hunger for good, although she might not have been willing to risk losing control over herself. The selfless aspect of the personality of the good 21 is akin to her adopted son Android 16.


Android 21


Android 21’s background story is different, and it appears that she doesn’t know the truth.

In one instance, she states that she was initially a Human-type Earthling, who Dr Gero converted to become an Android. Her son was born and a daughter with the doctor as a human. Gero became the model for the design of Android 16.

In another instance, 21 states that she’s a new kind of Bio-Android, superior to Cell to look like females with the intelligence of an adult even though she’s not even ten years old. This makes her feel like she was left out of her teenage years.

As time passed, it was discovered that the cells of many solid warriors and brilliant researchers were included in her body, with even Buu’s Cell being added to her. She claims that she does not remember her previous life as a human. She frequently found it enjoyable to think about her initial name and how she lived her life. She was unsure of the reason Gero made her a kind of Android distinct from mechas (like 16) and the modified human (like the 17th and 18th). Her good side didn’t know the details of her designer (only refer to him as “the scientist”) though she was aware that he was a wicked person who was extremely intelligent, talking about him for some reason made her cry, however, on the other hand, her dark side was aware of Gero to a certain extent but did not care about Gero or the Android created in her son’s image. This could be due to her belief that Androids do not require family members.

Over time, 21 came back to the thought that she had a son – her template of having one son. After realising that she desired to be with him and be with her at all times, she fixed Android 16 (the Android whose design was inspired by her son) in the future and stated that she wanted to treat him like a family member. Android 21 is unaware that Dr Gero was the father of her apparent human son. The precise nature of Dr Gero’s relationship to her human self appears unknown, other than being aware that they are the parents of 16’s human model. As 21’s cravings returned, she activated her link system, which uses it to keep her in check by repressing her increasing desire to eat and the persona she created. In the end, they decided to look for Android 18 and Android 17 on their own using the system, hoping to be able to connect them to another successfully.

As per Android 16, it appears that 21 cells could have been in a state of hyper-vigilance at some point, which led to her inexplicably high desire to feed. It is possible the case that Majin Buu’s cells could be responsible. In addition, Android 21’s hunger may be due to her particular mix of Majin and Saiyan cells since both Saiyans and Majins are notorious for their enormous appetites. Her character as evil could have been inspired by the combination of cells she inherited through Frieza, Cell, and Kid Buu. Her evil nature can be described as cold as Frieza and Cell and exhibits symptoms of madness that are similar to Kid Buu. The nasty 21 doesn’t deny the possibility of galactic conquest, which could influence Frieza’s Cell.

It is essential to note this: her evil side’s use through the Wave Machine led her to return to control only happens during the chronology that is the Android 21 Arc to keep her evil personality is in control, and uses her previous identity as a hostage to make Android 16 to work for her, even as he fights by linking a soul of a human with Goku to create the timeline for the Super Warrior Arc, while it ends up connecting to Frieza on the timetable for Frieza in the timeframe of Enemy Warrior Arc. In the Android 21 Arc timeframe, her initial personality is working in conjunction with Android 16 to discover an avenue to control her dark side and hunger.



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