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AeroMobil starts taking pre-orders for its ‘first edition’ flying car

 The company that makes flying cars AeroMobil announced its latest model today and will begin accepting pre-orders for the first edition of its hybrid car. AeroMobil had said it would launch a commercially-available flying vehicle in 2017, and this seems to be a good way of keeping on its promise. Still, orders placed shortly won’t be delivered until 2020, as AeroMobil plans to increase production to total production in the next couple of years and begin shipping the vehicle in 2020.

The AeroMobil is excellent on paper. However, it can switch from air to car mode in just 3 minutes. It’s got four hundred miles worth of range for driving as well as 466 miles worth of content, operating with 75 per cent efficiency. The top speed on the ground for AeroMobil AeroMobil car-plane is about 100 mph. However, it can achieve speeds of around 224 mph as it flies.

AeroMobil is more focused on safety than speed, but the car is loaded with features designed to ensure it can withstand any flying conditions. For example, a parachute is available to assist in emergency landings, which will bring the vehicle back to Earth. In addition, airbags are specifically designed to help in airborne and terrestrial crashes.

Of course, the whole thing sounded very relaxed and was derived from a Bond film. The model was aided by receiving $3.2 million cash from the supply partner Patrick Hessel and was revealed in its first public appearance this morning at Monaco’s extravagant Top Marques auto show.

Price is abundant as well: The car is priced at $1.3 million, meaning you won’t be seeing a lot of these in the driveways of your neighbours.


If you ever have the Flying Car run out of fuel in mid-flight or even break its engine, it has security features to help it slide down to Earth through a parachute. In addition, passengers will be equipped with airbags to protect them from in-air and off-road incidents.

If you’re looking to get the chance to own one of the cars, you’ll need to pay $1.3 up to $1.7 million. Although flying cars might appear to be a trend for the wealthy, it could be something much more as ride-share companies such as Uber are interested in the technology. Interest in this technology. Aeromobil isn’t the only company in its efforts to conquer space. We could choose from various flying cars in the next few years, but none of them will be DeLoreans.



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