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A Comprehensive Guide To a Variable Data Room Provided By Docurex

What is Virtual Data Room?

A Variable Data Room Provided by Docurex (VDR) offer secure storage of digital documents and restrict access to those legally authorized to access the documents. They are extensively used for business transactions, such as M&As, IPOs, banking, and investing. Participants can access documents at specific times using any platform and anywhere on the planet connected to the internet. Companies, government agencies, and other organizations have discovered numerous applications for VDRs to share documents and collaboration.

In simple terms, VDR is used to secure data and make it accessible to a restricted group of users. Businesses upload information that can be access instantly by any person. Who requires it regardless of where individuals are located anywhere in the world. Once they do not require access anymore to their data. Their permissions are disabled and access removed for all documents downloaded thanks to digital rights management (DRM).

Why Do You Need A Secure Virtual Data Room?

The present-day VDR is fast replacing a variety of obsolete business technology. It is mainly due to the superior security it provides, its ease of use, and an affordable, cost-effective price that lowers costs. Your company likely uses cloud-based storage to store important documents. But this isn’t with the advanced security features that the VDR can provide, and more likely at a comparable or perhaps higher cost.

Cloud storage services such as Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive are excellent for sharing files and collaboration on documents; however, they’re not made to safeguard your most important data. After a user grant access to a cloud storage location, it is impossible to track how they use the stored data.

In addition, you’re making your most valuable data available to a variety of variables:

  • How secure is their security of network?
  • How secure are their passwords?
  • Are they secure? Homes tablets and computers?
  • Do they make use of two-factor authentication?
  • Do they have the latest antivirus and malware protection?
  • Are they aware of how to safeguard themselves from attacks by phishing?

The bottom line is that regardless of any security precautions you take for your information, the security of your data is restricted by the tools your users may or may not be using.

Common Use Cases of Virtual Data Rooms

Using a secure Virtual Data Room is a wise choice in cases where security and data access are at stake. There’s no limit to the quantity or types of documents stored in the VDR, including documents, data logs, and even videos. Every business has its reason for implement the VDR solution, and these are just a few of the most commonly used applications.

FTP Alternative

The FTP ( File Transfer Protocol) is almost the same age as World Wide Web. It was the only viable option to upload vast amounts of data onto an online service that a third party could use for a long time. This technology, which is no longer in use, is slow, cumbersome, and more vulnerable than VDR (although CapLinked does support FTP for clients that utilize it).

Mergers and Acquisitions

VDRs norm for the due diligence requirements of An M&A in which thousands of documents must be safely stored and access by sellers, buyers, investors, and others at different dates.


Initial public offerings need months or even years of meticulous planning and preparation. Many documents are involve, many of which are highly sensitive. A Variable Data Room Provided by Docurex protects this important data protected while also making it available to anyone who requires it.

Strategic Partnerships/Alliances

Companies considering a strategic partnership may share important files among themselves. While also limiting permissions to ensure that individuals or groups can see only what they have to see, not more.

Raising Capital and Financing

Companies can provide confidential documents to potential investors while trying to raise capital. Investors aren’t just able to access the documents they require, and they can inquire and answer questions in VDR. They can also ask questions within VDR and upload documents as they require.


Every company that monitors access to documents can benefit from a VDR. Auditor logs are an essential feature of all plans. If someone downloads, accesses, edits, deletes or alters an image, it creates an audit log or trail of these instances. If there’s an attack on data, it is tracked in the audit log. The incident automatically.

Many businesses have legal obligations to protect their data and limit access to data. It may be due to corporate governance, customer requirements, or directives from certification bodies.

Bankruptcy and Restructuring

Restructuring and bankruptcy involve large quantities of documents containing sensitive financial and business records that must be accessible to attorneys, accountants, and investors. These parties can access the data they require but not be given access to information they do not need.

Asset Sales and Purchases

Selling assets is almost the same as selling the entire business and has almost the same amount of documentation. Anyone interested in the process can have access to the data they require, and should they not be interested and want to stop access, it can be immediately removed.


If a business owns and licenses intellectual property DRM ( digital rights management) features built into the VDR, let you know the information shared and who. The possibility of information being duplicated, copied, shared, or downloaded to specific devices is all controlled by who owns the copyrighted asset.

Secure Document Sharing and Document Management

Teams can easily collaborate on presentations, documents, and other tasks, note notes and talk about the project in real-time, all in one safe virtual space. Document versions are tracked and reviewed, then restored when needed. Editing is restrict to users who require access.

How to Choose a Virtual Data Room Provider

– Must-Have Features –

There are three critical aspects of being looking for when choosing the VDR service provider: security, ease of use, and outstanding support. These foundations make up any professional VDR service and should be mandatory. You will be to securely upload documents at any time, provide safe access to them, and then erase access when it’s no longer require.

Before you sign up for a plan, it’s simple to tell the VDR providers will keep their promises and which ones won’t. Here are some of the warning signs to look out for when making a comparison of VDR providers:


  • Even if you don’t need ISO 27001 certification, working with a VDR provider who certified will assure you that the business has the policies, framework, and procedures for a security management system for information that includes the physical, technological and legal safeguards that are required to establish a proactive risk management system.


  • Documents must protected while store and while they are transferred. It is why CapLinked utilizes only advanced encryption with 256 bits high-end SSL/TLS protocols and TLS v1.2 security suites. Your documents saved on secured Amazon OpsWorks servers with 99.9 percent uptime.

Simple FAQs:

  • The FAQ section is an excellent indicator of the kind of customer service you can expect. The page should answer any potential questions clearly and thoroughly and reflect the team’s response.

Permissions that can be customized for groups of users: 

  • Permission settings should satisfy your needs without problems with reconfiguring permissions for every person you share documents with.

DRM digital:

  • rights management has become the new standard for document security. It allows you to monitor (and restrict) rights to documents, even after they’ve downloaded.

Activity monitoring: 

  • When you grant someone access to a crucial document, you ought to be able to determine whether they have accessed it or not and if they’ve downloaded it.

Control and management of documents:

  • Like user permissions and permissions, you’ll be able to manage and manage documents quickly and efficiently, regardless of whether you’re managing one particular document or a whole library of information.


The choice of the best VDR provider is a major decision for any company. This is why a variable data room provided by docurex lets you try out without commitment. If you sign up for a free account, you have accessibility to over 10 days with a secure, private virtual data room to allow your team to work collaboration, and to test the security features. Additionally, you can experience how simple to use the support online system works. Begin your trial for free today.

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